New dining area for the Miramare, with Chef Galantini's winter menu

The Miramare Restaurant reopens with a new look and a completely renovated kitchen

Following the renovations carried out in the last weeks, the Miramare Restaurant is open again with a new catering area and a completely renovated kitchen, which has a very modern part in view, from which you can admire our Starred Executive Chef David Galantini at work on his fantastic dishes.

Winter menu between tradition and innovation

Winter flavors and fine ingredients characterize the new à la carte menu designed for the Miramare Restaurant by Chef Galantini.

Traditional dishes of the Ligurian territory, such as Cappon Magro (of which we have discussed in depth in this article) with a sailor's biscuit, alternate with innovative and original recipes, such as the unusual Acquerello risotto with late radicchio and "divine" red.

A menu that tastes of the sea thanks to dishes such as the sea soup or the "gran fritto del Miramare", but which has its roots in the land with typical Ligurian dishes, such as the inevitable Genoese pesto.

You just have to discover the entire menu in the à la carte menu section of our site and come to the Miramare Restaurant to taste the delicious dishes of our eclectic chef.

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