Unique cocktails in an exceptional venue

Have you ever tasted a pesto cocktail? If you are in Rapallo, you cannot miss a unique opportunity such as sipping the "Forestiero assai superbo", the first cocktail in the world that contains all (really all!) the ingredients of Ligurian pesto.

All the cocktails made in the Miramare Bistrot Cocktail are the result of the creativity of the bartender, who promises to “pour emotions” with his refined, scenographic and original recipes, cared for down to the smallest detail.

Gourmet aperitifs by the sea

Impossible to leave the Cocktail Bistrot without having tried the luck of winning a "Jumanji" for free, thanks to the throwing of the dice accompanied by the sound of the famous refrain "in the jungle you will have to stay, until a 5 or an 8 does not appear" ...

The delicious aperitifs, served after 5pm as a gourmet fingerfood whet the appetite and delight the palate. The choice of ingredients for their realization, as well as that of the drinks, always falls on fresh, high quality products, carefully selected by the staff.

The real brunch in Rapallo just like in Milan

Halfway between an international breakfast and a lunch, brunch is the ultimate fashion for food. Imported from the Anglo-Saxon tradition, it has depopulated bistros all over the world for some years and the Executive chef Galantini brought it to Rapallo to the Miramare Bistrot.

A winning combination of flavors and combinations in an informal way, perfect for spending Sunday in the company of good food in an original and modern way.