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About us


Built in 1929 as a dwelling, the Art Nouveau building at the center of the Rapallo promenade becomes a hotel already in the 30s.

Destination for tourists and illustrious personalities of Italian high society, the Miramare has often been the protagonist of social events and theater of important cultural events, thanks also to the presence of the Kiosk of Music, made in the same period in the small square adjacent to the structure.

Following an important restoration of the building and of the rooms, the Miramare has returned to its former glory and the staff is committed every day in order to offer its guests a high quality 360 degree service.

For over 80 years protagonist of Rapallo hospitality, the Miramare enjoys a privileged position, on the city's waterfront, a few steps from the pedestrian center and the main services.

Strengthened by this advantage, the property and the entire staff of the structure aims to offer an accurate and personalized style of hospitality, in order to make guests feel pampered and satisfied with their stay in Rapallo.

Eugenio Montale, a Ligurian born in Genoa on 12 October 1896 and a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1975, had a special relationship with nature and the world around him. In the sea of eastern Liguria and in his scabrous and essential landscapes, as he called his own land, he often sought an objective correlative, that is, a sort of implicit symbol for arousing certain emotions.

"Caffè a Rapallo" is a lyric that is part of the Ossi di sepia collection, published in 1925. It is an hermetic poem, full of metaphors, such as the "new mermaids", that is, made-up and bejeweled women who spend time in coffee, between sparkling crystals and fashionable clothes.