The Cappon Magro: history and curiosity of the typical dish of Liguria

A simple meatless salad based on tuna and anchovies, laid on a biscuit soaked in water and vinegar, enriched with olives, oregano and olive oil: Cappon Magro is one of the oldest dishes of the Ligurian tradition.

As the entire Ligurian cuisine is based on lean ingredients and the name (of uncertain origin) contains all its essence: those who attribute the etymology to the capon, a traditional Christmas dish, maintain that the spectacular Ligurian dish was born to replace it with "poor" products of the territory. Another school of thought, on the other hand, thinks that the name derives from the French chapon, which is a toast of bread used to accompany soups, which is actually reminiscent of the biscuit on which the entire preparation of Cappon Magro rests.

Unlike the name, the modest origins are certain: this dish was consumed by the fishermen directly on the boats, or by the servants who reused the leftovers of the rich noble banquets. Over the centuries the dish has undergone a real transformation: boiled vegetables and a particular green sauce capable of harmonizing flavors were added to the fish. Finally, thanks to the sumptuous enrichments of the Baroque period, such as the decorations of sauces, eggs and prawns, today it is considered a highly sought-after dish, difficult to prepare and destined mainly for feast days, as well as for Lent.

For the Ligurian it is a well-known and appreciated dish, for those who do not know it it is an unusual and curious set of ingredients. At the Miramare Restaurant in Rapallo the Cappon Magro cannot miss on the menu, where it is one of the most popular and loved dishes.

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