DeeJay live at Chiosco della Musica in Rapallo

On Tuesday 13th August, on the occasion of the 30th birthday of DJ Roberto Ferrari's career, a musical show will be held in our little square of the Kiosk of Music in Rapallo.

The show entitled "DEEJAY LIVE" is a 4-hour entertainment show in which Roberto Ferrari, a well-known radio host and deejay famous above all for the "Ciao Belli" broadcast broadcast daily on radio DeeJay will perform on the large music truck together with comedians and singers also of national fame.

The evening will begin at 21 / 21.30 ending at one in the morning in the evocative setting of a summer Rapallo. An opportunity not to be missed, to enjoy the entertainment sitting at the tables of our Cocktail Bistrot, overlooking the square where the event will be held.

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