Open letter to customers of Miramare

Dear Customers,
It is a very delicate moment for our country and for the restaurant and hotel sector.

We have followed the evolution of the "Coronavirus" emergency situation by adapting our decisions from time to time to offer you the most suitable solution to the circumstances, to avoid inconvenience to our loyal Customers, but unfortunately the DPCM Decree is clear, moments of aggregation must be avoided and limit external contacts as much as possible.

Today it is clear that we are facing an emergency. It therefore seems to us responsible to temporarily suspend our accommodation activities for both the Hotel, Restaurant and Bistrot, deciding in spite of ourselves, for a temporary closure as required by the Ministerial Decree in the period from 13 March 2020 to 3 April 2020 included.

The appeal launched by the government is valid for all, namely: #iorestoacasa.

We will continue to inform you on our website about the evolution of the "Coronavirus" emergency situation.

The Miramare Hotel will be constantly working to update and improve its customer services in view of the future.

For when it will again be possible to fully enjoy and in the company of the Italian gastronomic excellence of our Miramare restaurant, with the delicacies prepared by our starred Chef David Galantini, we are at work because we know that you will want to return to our now completely renovated structure and it will be important to support restaurants and hotels in the final recovery.

With the hope to hear from you soon, toasting together with the arrival of Easter.

A big hug to all our customers with great affection, we are waiting for you all.

Hotel, Restaurant and Bistrot Miramare

The property

Hotel, Restaurant, Bistrot