Visit Liguria in the fall: the natural parks of the Riviera di Levante

Liguria is a land that offers itself to tourism all year round, not only in summer. In autumn the hills and woods are colored with warm and enveloping colors, giving wonderful suggestions to visitors. Here is a short list of the natural parks of the Riviera di Levante perfect for a family outing during the autumn days, easily accessible from our hotel in Rapallo:

Portofino Park (20 minutes from Rapallo): preserves the beauty of the area through 80 km of paths and various sites to visit such as the Old Traffic Light, the Batteries, the Gassetta Mill, the San Fruttuoso Locanda and the Hermitage of Niasca.

Antola Regional Natural Park (1 hour 20 minutes from Rapallo): with its rich naturalistic, cultural and historical heritage, it offers numerous sites of interest also in the autumn season, such as Lake Brugneto, Mount Antola, the small villages rural and the Castle "della Pietra".

Regional Natural Park of Aveto (1 hour 20 from Rapallo): dominated by the main peaks of the Ligurian Apennines, it offers a unique landscape rich in historical settlements and sacred buildings. In addition to the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, which crosses the territory for its entire width, there are other important routes to explore and learn about the Park.

Cinque Terre National Park (1 hour from Rapallo): the Cinque Terre rise on a territory unique in the world, considered one of the most evocative Italian coastal attractions. The National Park offers numerous activities to do in the fall, such as excursions on over 120 km of trails immersed in nature.

Regional Natural Park of Porto Venere (1 hour and a half from Rapallo): 400 hectares of great environmental, historical and cultural value enclosed in the promontory and in the islands of the Gulf of La Spezia. The lush Mediterranean vegetation in the fall is a must-see.

Regional Natural Park of Montemarcello-Magra-Vara (1 hour drive from Rapallo): this park also offers a breathtaking show in the autumn season. With hundreds of km of walkable paths, it allows you to discover the different ecosystems that characterize it up close.

The Miramare is located in a strategic position to reach the main tourist areas of Liguria, in addition to the aforementioned natural parks. If you are staying at our hotel, do not hesitate to ask about places of interest in the area, we will be happy to show you the countless opportunities that Liguria has to offer you!

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