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and its many colors

Portofino is the city symbol of the dolce vita, which became famous during the Sixties, when actors, actresses, pop stars and nobles began to invade this beautiful city of Liguria, located a few kilometers from Rapallo, to enjoy its exclusive parties and for its fantastic landscapes, a perfect example of worldliness and exclusivity.

But the true soul of Portofino does not end only in this aspect: this beautiful town of the Ligurian Riviera brings to mind the old fishing villages, with narrow streets and colorful houses, the intricate streets between the houses and the cobblestone squares polished. Portofino represents a real pearl overlooking the sea, an ideal destination for those who want to relax and spend their days in this open-air "living room", sitting in one of the piazzetta's bars, walking along the promenade or enjoying the beautiful beaches.

This exclusive seaside resort for its beauty has been the scene of many films, which have allowed the whole world to get to know the wonderful landscapes that Portofino offers: from the Vanzina brothers' Sognando la California to Beyond the Clouds by Antonioni. It should also be remembered that some episodes of the most famous American soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, were filmed here. A miniature copy of Portofino Bay has been reproduced in Universal Studios.

Reaching Portofino from the Miramare is easy and fast: by train, bus or car, the colorful town is just a few minutes away.